Tuesday, August 03, 2004

This Is Jesus, Kent

I had an evening that made me nostalgic in two different ways. We were having a discussion that somehow drifted to video games and unfair advantages in games, eg. Donkey Kong's superior top speed in Super Mario Kart. It reminded me of this article on the best video game athletes of all time (QB Eagles ruled!), which reminded me of the insane amount of time I spent playing Tecmo Super Bowl. It was so fun as a kid to spend literally days of my life playing a new game and trying to find its quirks. I guess I could have spent some of that time reading, and then I'd be able to write good now, but I don't regret it too much.

Then, we watched the classic Real Genius, which I hadn't seen in years. The movie is a bit dated but still pretty funny, and of course it reminded me of the undergrad days. The content of the movie specifically reminded me of my freshman year, when I worked way too hard like Mitch does at the beginning. But then I remembered that the last time I had seen the movie was also freshman year, a really fun evening with a friend. There's some kind of weird self-referential thing going on there, but I'm too tired to figure out a good way to describe it.
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