Thursday, August 05, 2004

Technology and Football

Cool article on Brian Billick's use of technology in his football coaching career. Best quote:
By the time Billick was on the coaching staff at Utah State University in the late 1980's, he was working with some of the school's computer experts to process game information. As he put it: "When you go to computer science guys, they're so into the bells and whistles you get a lot more than you really need. But the guys in the business department, they know how to crunch numbers for a purpose."
Heh. Seriously, though, it's cool to see that Billick has does quite a bit with computers without himself being a hardcore computer geek. I was a bit disappointed that the article was not more specific about any competitive advantage Billick gained through using his programs to look at game footage. But, I imagine it does help, since he's still excited about using it and he seems pretty results-oriented.
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