Saturday, October 04, 2003

What a slow day...had intentions of getting back into research, but those were quickly destroyed once I opened up the code I wrote in my pre-deadline work binge over the summer. Yikes! What the hell was I thinking? It will take me hours to decipher what was going on in my head back then, and I was not in a mood to get started today. So, I lounged around, did some reading, watched Decalogue 7 (the first that was good but not great), and basically wasted the day.

Everyone has probably already seen this, but just in case: a study on "misperceptions" that people have about Saddam Hussein and Iraq, and where they are getting their news. The numbers are damning for Fox News, but I'm still not sure if there's any sort of simple conclusion that can be drawn from this work; there are all sorts of factors involved (eg. education level), and the study doesn't cover them all. At the least, the study provides some numbers to show that "fair and balanced" is quite an inaccurate description of Fox News.
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