Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I just found out that someone has actually read my blog. Woohoo! I feel a little more obligated to update this thing with some regularity now...and to spruce it up a bit. I continue to have work for the class I am TAing piled up on me. I just finished notes for our discussion sections on Wednesday. Hopefully things will lighten up soon, because I need to make some time to polish up a paper that was recently rejected from a conference, for resubmission in November. For the previous deadline, I basically ate, slept, worked on the paper, and did nothing else for the span of three weeks. I learned a lot, but in some ways it was rather unpleasant. Let's hope I don't have to repeat that experience.

In other news, my first New Yorker finally came in the mail last Thursday. What a fun magazine to read; Thursdays will be a day to look forward to from now on. I'm through Decalogue 6 now, and none of them have been a letdown. I saw Sex and Lucia with Martin the other night (the R-rated version that Blockbuster carried unfortunately). It was an interesting film, but it kind of dragged toward the end, maybe because we were getting tired. Ooh, and Mahler 4 last Thursday was amazing; if these SF Symphony Mahler recordings didn't cost $25 a pop, I'd have all of them by now.
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