Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Vodka: Vapor, not Liquid

Two interesting booze-related articles on Slate in the last couple of days, a review of different vodkas and a feature on inhalable alcohol. I've never been a vodka fan, but maybe I've just never had the good stuff or it wasn't properly chilled. The inhalable alcohol is a little scary, but also intriguing; it's like when Barney gets his beer prize injected directly into his veins after winning the film festival on The Simpsons, but without the injection. I wonder if you could rig up a humidifier to just have alcohol in the air at a party and get everyone drunk on the cheap. I guess it's possible that some people might not want to drink, or might want to stop at some point and still stay at the party. Allright, I've clearly run out of stuff to say.
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